Pro-Shot Products Cleaning Kit 308 Cal Cleaner Tan Case COY-30

Keep your firearm running like new no matter what conditions you find yourself in with the Pro-Shot Tactical Cleaning Kit for .30 Caliber. Pro-Shot exclusively uses USA made specification steel for their cleaning rods. The steel starts out straight all the way through the manufacturing process and are made to be less hard than barrel steel, so you never have to worry.

Coyote tactical pouch
6 qty. coyote coated rod sections with a 32.5" combined working length
Black swivel aluminum t-handle with chamber lock end
Double end nylon utility brush
Patch holder, chamber brush
1 step needle oiler
Pro gold lubricant
Cleaning patches
Spear point jag
Chamber mop
Silicone cloth
Bore brush

Price: $82.95
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Pro-Shot Cleaning Kits and Accessories