Military Rifle


Plano 48 Inch Rifle Case. You may request to have your rifle or shotgun shipped in one of these cases for extra protection (OAL of rifle or shotgun must not exceed 48 inches). New.


45316- Antique Russian Berdan Type 2 Military Rifle in 10.7x58R. Shootable dark bore. Mismatched. Some imperial markings may be removed. Bayonet lug intact. Stock has an arsenal repair....


47702- Turkish M38 Mauser (M98) in 8x57. Good bore. 1940 dated Ankara. Bolt/receiver mismatched. Missing top handguard. Small crack behind tang and on right side below action. Shows some...


47967- Deactivated Sturmgewehr MP44. No moving parts. Magazine welded to frame. Shows handling marks. Overall good + condition. Deactivated, so no license required.