I was able to harvest this beautiful typical four point mule timber buck with my Zastava 8x57 JS I got from you guys several years back. Hiked some cutblocks and ridges and bumped into a few doe's, sat down for a few minutes then the buck showed up. Shot was approx. 275 yards away using 196gr Norma reloads...

42 inch Bull Harvested in Northern Saskatchewan (thanks to a very good friend/guide who arranged the hunt). Shot with a 338 Lapua Mag and 225gr Accubonds (no need to brag about the shot :)). A nice memorable hunt, not to mention that the fishing was first class as well.


September 2019...


Just thought you'd like to see that I've used one of the rifles purchased from Tradeex to take down this bison in the Yukon. I used an m96 Husqvarna in 8x57. I put a bold trigger in it and bedded it. A redfield scope sits on top. This rifle shoots extremely well setup this way.


Took this Big Bull Hippo in the Caprivi of Namibia using a CZ550 in 375 H&H with 300gr Solids at 80 yards. a Big thanks to Ndumo Hunting safaris.


Anthony, August 2018

Took this elephant with a Verney-Carron SxS Double rifle in 500 Nitro Express at 35 yards in the Caprivi of Namibia. a Big thanks to Ndumo Hunting Safaris.


Anthony, August 2018