David from quebec

David from quebec

Hi Anthony!

I wish I had taken a better picture, being a programmer, I try not to bring anything too techy when I go in the woods, so the pics were taken with my old film camera. In anycase, I mounted a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 on the 30-06 swedish mauser (m96) I purchased from TradeEx earlier this year and used Winchester e-tips 30-06 180gr bullets to bring my first moose ever. On the fifth day of our hunt, at about 8am, I heard a moose doe call out. She was very close to where I was! Having seen nothing during the first 4 days of my week long hunting trip, I was excited to say the least, especially since I have never filled a tag before! After calling her in, I finally spotted a big head sticking out of the bush about 100m away. She stepped out of the woods and turned broadside and slowly walked away towards my left. I was told by my father in law to always wait a bit, since the calf always goes out first, the a couple of seconds afterwards the doe comes out and last, the buck comes out. I waited for what seemed like an ethernity while aiming straight at her and then decided I couldn't let her get away. I waited for her front left leg to be in front (exposing her vitals) and fired: Scoring what we'd later find out was an ahorta hit! Reloaded and fired again, scoring a liver hit. Reloaded one last time and scored a throat hit. At the time of the third shot, she was down but struggling...I've hear so many stories of moose getting up and bolting for the woods, I didn't want to risk losing this one. Although, in retrospec, that second and third shot were probably not needed. But better to have a freezer full than to be sorry! When all of this was done, lo and behold, I saw another head sticking out of the woods exactly where I the first one had came out of the woods. I only saw the neck and up, so there was no chance for a good hit. Needless to say, after that the only thing I could think about was if only I would of waited another couple of seconds, I could of filled 2 tags!, but I'm still very happy. Cudos to TradeEx. I absolutely loved how my rifle performed! Also love my choice of scope: Economical and very clear even at dawn/dusk. Seeing as I had adjusted my scope myself (3 inch high at 100 yards), there was another tap on the back as well. It's good to see everything come together like that. Boy oh boy, is it a lot of work to gut and prepare everything though!


One VERY satisfied customer,

David from Quebec