Hello! I just wanted to share the spring black bear that I harvested on May 1st near Kitamaat, BC. I used my Husqvarna 1600 series chambered in 9.3x62 I purchased from Trade Ex. I spotted the bear from 150 yards away and stalked up to within 25 yards! I let the 250gr Nosler Accubond do the rest. It ran about...

On a recent Polar Bear hunt somewhere in between Clyde River and Pond Inlet, I was fortunate enough to harvest this nice male using my old Husqvarna M46 Mauser in 9.3x57, with 250gr accubonds, open sights. I am often asked what velocities are you getting out of your 9.3's? My answer is "an accurate...

Here is a pic of a cougar kill I got with that one Mauser 98 sporter that I got from you. Used 195gr Hornady interlock @ 2350fps, shot was around 50yards. Cougar dropped on the spot. 6foot 2inch in length.

DGradinaru From BC

2013 Young Bull Moose Harvested by Anthony in Baie-Comeau, Quebec with 338 Lapua, 225gr accubond.

2015 Giraffe shot with a Verney-Carron double rifle in 500 Nitro Express in Zimbabwe.