Nice bull elephant shot with a Verney-Carron double rifle in 450/400 Nitro Express in Zimbabwe. From left to right: Verney-Carron double rifle in 577 Nitro express (PH gun), Verney-Carron double rifle in 500 Nitro Express and Verney-Carron double rifle in 450-400 Nitro Express

A picture of my wife Brenda and her first moose, a fully grown cow.


We live in Saskatchewan in an area where there is a draw for licences.  Last year I got a moose and she enjoyed the meat.  She asked, “How do we get another one?” and I said, “You will have to...

My first spring bear and I got it with a Husqvarna 9.3x62 that I got off of you last year. One shot and it was done. I was using PPU bullets in PPU brass that came from you as well. She is 225lb. I love the rifle and want to thank you for it.

 I finally found a buck I would like to share with you - shot with a Sako AV 6.5 x 55 I bought from you a few years ago. I have shot other game with it and it delivers every time I squeeze the trigger. Thanks. Glen from Alberta

2011 Cow Moose shot by Anthony North of Baie-Comeau Quebec, with a 338 Lapua and 225gr Nolser Accubonds.