2011 Spring Bear shot by Anthony north of Baie-Comeau Quebec, using a Husqvarna 46 in 9.3x57, and 250gr Accubonds.

This 2011 large black bear was shot by Tony near Bishop's Fall Newfoundland using a an SRH970 in 9.3x62. Thanks to our friends at Migule Mountain Outfitters.

2010, Nice young (and tasty) Bull Moose shot by Anthony near Bishop's Falls Newfoundland with 338 Lapua and 225gr Nosler Accubonds. Thanks to our friends at Migule Mountain Outfitters

Hi Anthony, i wanted to tell ya about my little 4 pointer whitetail buck i got this year after getting a rifle from you about 2 months ago. I purchased a husqvarna m98 sporter 8mm mauser from you, put a scope on it and sighted it in. rifle season came along in ontario on nov. 7th. the first week was hard...

Hello Anthony,I’m Carole, Normand’s sister in law. Here is a pic of my first moose, that I shot with the 6.5x55 swedish mauser that we got from you. 65 yard shot with a 140gr bullet. He tumbled 25 feet further. Thank you Tradeex and Anthony for your excellent guns and service