2007, Nice Bull Moose shot by Tony just North of Fort McMurray Alberta (Birch Mountains). This is an older bull with many broken tines from fighting, but still measured just over 50 inches. Shot with a 9.3x66 Sako.

Tony from Montreal.

2007, I shot this younger Bull just north of Fort McMurray Alberta (Birch Mountains). This Bull was shot with a 338lapua.

Anthony from Montreal.

We ended up spooking this 4 x 4 whitetail buck out of a wooded creek bed. It was full rut and about 3 weeks into the season so all the deer were on edge. When he saw us he started running full tilt across an open field. I had my Mosin Nagant M44 with stock open sights loaded with 180gr RN handloads. I took a...

2009 Spring Bear Shot in Baie Comeau, Quebec. I used a 9.3x62, 250gr Nosler Accubond with 57Gr of RL15.


As every spring, I fed the bears with my special diet... I use to leave them with 250 lbs of fresh meal, so I don't have to show up everyday, since my baiting site is 80 km in the bush. I started late this year, cos I had to move from my habitual place because of some beaver flooding it. There was quite a...