2009 Spring Bear Shot in Baie Comeau, Quebec. I used a 9.3x62, 250gr Nosler Accubond with 57Gr of RL15.


As every spring, I fed the bears with my special diet... I use to leave them with 250 lbs of fresh meal, so I don't have to show up everyday, since my baiting site is 80 km in the bush. I started late this year, cos I had to move from my habitual place because of some beaver flooding it. There was quite a...

Here is a Big Black Bear that I took with one of Anthony's Swedish M96 Sporters in 30-06, using 180 Gr Nosler Accubonds. Shot in the same location that anthony shot his, just North of Baie-Comeau.

Vincent from Drummondville.

Here's a pic of our moose/elk hunt in North Western AB.I am using a Husky FN 98 purchased from Trade-ex in 9.3x62 I handloaded 286gr Hornadys,58gr RE15,Fed mag primers and Lapua brass.It shoots 1/2 inch three shot groups at 100 yards.The moose numbers are on the upswing again after a 2006 die off of 80%...

The black wolf was shot at 105 yards as she tried to cross a cutline while I was watching an elk trail in Northern Alberta.Weighed 85lbs and I will be getting her rugged with double black felt trim.Nice color like a big silver fox.The 9.3 x62 really relaxes game.