Here is a Big Black Bear that I took with one of Anthony's Swedish M96 Sporters in 30-06, using 180 Gr Nosler Accubonds. Shot in the same location that anthony shot his, just North of Baie-Comeau.

Vincent from Drummondville.

Here's a pic of our moose/elk hunt in North Western AB.I am using a Husky FN 98 purchased from Trade-ex in 9.3x62 I handloaded 286gr Hornadys,58gr RE15,Fed mag primers and Lapua brass.It shoots 1/2 inch three shot groups at 100 yards.The moose numbers are on the upswing again after a 2006 die off of 80%...

The black wolf was shot at 105 yards as she tried to cross a cutline while I was watching an elk trail in Northern Alberta.Weighed 85lbs and I will be getting her rugged with double black felt trim.Nice color like a big silver fox.The 9.3 x62 really relaxes game.


Hi Anthony, Attached is a photo of my latest hunting trip,during which I got the only legal deer seen on un-posted land. The gun used was a Husqvarna model 1600, in 30-06 , purchased from Tradex this Spring,which came equipped with a Fontaine 2 X 7 power scope. The rifle and scope are both very good and very...

October 2009, Nice 6x6 Elk shot by Tony in South Dakota thanks to our friends and the Cheyenne river Sioux tribe. 260 yards with a 300 RUM and 200gr Nosler Accubond.